Poliana creates a concept from the ground up and builds it into reality. Her work explores a unique perspective of the world, which embodies a fearless approach to the unknown and channels all her experiences into her art. As a motorcycle rider who has trekked through various countries across the globe, and a bass player, Poliana captures the art of contemporary survival and expresses it through her mediums of music and art. 

In the visual arts world, her mediums are photography, visual arts, lighting, and styling.


Poliana directs and works with mediums like photography, drawings, and collages. In the process of her photography work, she can be found combining all four mediums to further conceptualize her final idea. Her work style encapsulates capturing a moment or a persona through various angles and perspectives, to produce a well-rounded portrayal of many truths. As a new era of solitude encroaches upon many this year, her current work focuses on this new-found isolation through self-portraits and collage formats. Her upcoming album in 2021 will feature a self-portrait cover. 


When Poliana is not working on her art, she is contributing to other's art. Among her talents, she lights, directs, and produces photography productions, and stylizes other portraits for other artists.