A highly renowned bassist with a global footprint, she is a favored touring, and session musician. Poliana is recognized for her embodiment of groove, funk, and soul. She blends well into various genres, ranging from funk, R&B, rock, brazilian music, pop and persian music to a wide array of sounds. Her ability to mold distinct bass lines in various styles translates to a solid foundation on a track, which further drives and defines her contribution to many genres. On stage, she evokes the vivaciousness of her nomadic spirit. Raised as a performer, Poliana began playing bass at the age of 9 and continued into adulthood. Throughout her career in music, she has worked as a music director, arranger, and composer. She is both spontaneous and intentional when it comes to arranging music. For her, it’s all about the groove.

As a resident bass player for a TV program in Brazil titled, Adnight Show, she worked Rede Globo not only as musician but as arranger and composer. She performed with artists like Anitta, Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Emicida, Luiza Possi, and many others.

A world traveler across her tours, she has performed with artists and bands suck as O Teatro Magico, Berg, Dilana Smith, and Moein. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, the bass player took a very important step in advancing her career, and performed with artists like Naia Izumi, Nona Hendryx, Lari Basilio, and The Persian Star Moein. She played at festivals like the Cancun Jazz Festival, Black Women’s Rock Event honoring Betty Davis, and NAMM at the Yamaha grand stage for Lari Basilio and Seymour Duncan. 

In the beggining of 2019 she was slated to perform at numerous large-scale performances including SXSW, Atlanta Jazz Festival (with Naia Izumi), and a world tour with Moein.

Sticking to her trailblazing instincts, in 2020 and 2021 Poliana switched gears and focused on visual art and own musical debut. She  will be releasing her first single in 2021 featuring a self portrait and details her motorcycle and world experiences.